U.S. Natural Gas Opportunities Exploding

Can you locate our Turboexpander in the image above? Click to guess the location of our turboexpander and win some cool schwag from L.A. Turbine. Market Demands Equipment, Plant & Service Solutions Now—L.A. Turbine Provides Total Solution Whether you are an:

  • EPC designing and building plants
  • Downstream refiner
  • Petrochemical firm

L.A. Turbine can design, build and service from concept-through-commissioning, any turboexpander equipment. Whether the desired plant output is 60/120/200mm or another flow point, L.A. Turbine provides a faster-to-market solution due to our in-house engineering and state-of-the-art, 90,000 sq. foot manufacturing facility. Our turboexpander solutions for hydrocarbon processing of LNG, LPG, NGL and DPC include expander-compressors, expander-generators and expander-dyno (oil brake) and expander-compressors with active magnetic bearing units.  Frame sizes range from L1000 to L6000. Access detailed turboexpander configuration and specification data including inlet flow and pressure, temps, RPM and wheel power in a quick reference chart now. L.A. Turbine partial customer list If your business is aligned with the mid and downstream sector of the market, aftermarket service and support is critical to your operation and revenue stream. We are the industry leader in aftermarket service for any turboexpander worldwide either on-site or at our service centers. Our service centers and equipment specialists handle:

  • Repair
  • Redesign
  • Upgrades
  • Spare Part Production
  • Failure Analysis
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Inspection & Testing
  • Maintenance & Turnarounds
  • Installation & Commissioning
  • On-site & Classroom Training

EPC & Downstream Customers

Immediate and worldwide emergency response and support for new turboexpander designs and aftermarket service is available at +1-855-FX-TURBO. Call today or click to learn more about L.A. Turbine turboexpanders.

President’s Message

Summer is here. Typically a time of year when people pause to enjoy the warmth and beauty the season provides. Vacations, adventures and memory-making weekends are on everyone’s schedule. Not so here. Business is booming. New orders, manufacturing, calls for service support and commissioning assignments are at a peak. We are well positioned to meet this marketplace demand because we have the expertise, tools, technology and facilities to make it happen. We are committed to provide you with a timely response, expert advice and easy access to anyone on our team 24/7/365 at +1-855-FX-TURBO or [raw_html_snippet id=”email-sales”]. Feel free to reach out to me too. I’m just a few keystrokes away at [raw_html_snippet id=”email-dmascari”] or +1-661-295-8290 x1103. Go enjoy some summertime fun and leave the work to us! Cheers, Danny Mascari President L.A. Turbine