Successful upgrade to a PLC system

L.A. Turbine has successfully upgraded an existing control system mounted on the turboexpander-compressor unit to a PLC based system with control panel designed, programmed and built in house. With the help of the world class in house control engineers and design engineers, L.A. Turbine analyzed the original control system and recommended a new PLC system. The old instrumentation with switches on control panel are replaced to the state of the art transmitters and the old control system is upgraded to Allen Bradley PLC system with Panel view PLUS 1000 HMI 10” display. L.A. Turbine Engineers also provided upgraded P&ID, wiring diagrams and updated softwares, and provided new consumable spares that would suffice the new upgraded PLC system. With years of accumulated experience of the team within turboexpander industry, engineers performed extensive testing per industry standards and this challenging project has met and exceeded all customer specifications and requirements.

This upgraded PLC system mounted on a newly built control panel with spares shipped to the customer on February 21, 2012 and will see its duty on the turboexpander operating at a Gas Processing plant.

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