Turboexpander Tested and Shipped

Turboexpander Tested and Shipped

L.A. Turbine has successfully manufactured and tested a Turboexpander/Compressor unit. The Turboexpander/Compressor unit met all customer requirements as well as industry testing standards. This medium framed expander was shipped to the customer and will see duty at a Gas Processing plant.

L.A. Turbine Corporation – The Turboexpander Company, is a manufacturer of, and service provider for application specific, highly engineered Turboexpanders that are utilized within power-recovery applications in industrial processes worldwide. In addition to design, engineering and vertically integrated manufacturing, L.A. Turbine provides field service, repair, spare parts and comprehensive re-designs for all Turboexpander brands. With a focus on Hydrocarbon Processing and Geothermal Power Generation, L.A. Turbine’s team of experienced engineers are highly qualified and are well equipped to meet the most demanding Turboexpanders requirements.

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