Turboexpander Order Award

Turboexpander Order Award

L.A. Turbine has been awarded an order for a medium frame Turboexpander / Compressor package with full PLC control and a spare MCS (Mechanical Center Section). This Turboexpander / Compressor will be delivered 2nd quarter 2011 to a gas plant in the “Gas Patch” region of the USA.

“Another new Gas Patch machine for L.A. Turbine shows the momentum of the Company”, says David Bloss, Director of Sales at L.A. Turbine, “we are proving that L.A. Turbine has the technical and commercial skill to operate successfully both domestically and overseas”.

L.A. Turbine Corporation – The Turboexpander Company, is a manufacturer of, and service provider for application specific, highly engineered Turboexpanders that are utilized within power-recovery applications in industrial processes worldwide. In addition to design, engineering and vertically integrated manufacturing, L.A. Turbine provides field service, repair, spare parts and comprehensive re-designs for all Turboexpander brands. With a focus on Hydrocarbon Processing and Geothermal Power Generation, L.A. Turbine’s team of experienced engineers are highly qualified and are well equipped to meet the most demanding Turboexpanders requirements.

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