Turboexpander Delivery Time Cut by 50%


L.A. Turbine (LAT) announces a 50% reduction in the production and delivery time required for expander-compressor turboexpanders. Effective immediately, LAT is offering standard packaging on L1000-L4000 frame sizes. The package includes a locally-mounted programmable logic control (PLC) and extended warranty. This expedited schedule includes L.A. Turbine’s popular 200 MMSCFD and 500 MMSCFD standard L3000 expander-compressors.

L.A. Turbine is able to produce finished units 50% faster than previous delivery timeframes due to our standard packaging approach and on-site design, manufacturing, assembly, and testing, from concept through commissioning. To inquire about standard package designs and delivery timeframes, contact Troy O’Steen at +1 661 294 8290 x1605, email at , or send us a request via https://www.laturbine.com/our-company/contact-us/