Turboexpander AMB Upgrade Options Qualified

Waukesha-logoLAT & Waukesha Magnetic Bearings Become Test Partners

L.A. Turbine and Waukesha Magnetic Bearings (Waukesha) recently partnered to test retrofit options for active magnetic bearing (AMB) systems. In both scenarios, the upgrade options increase turboexpander performance and efficiency, require the fewest machine changes and result in the lowest total cost.

Qualified-Active-Magnetic-Bearing-Retrofits-for-Turbo-expanders-whitepaperThe first scenario involves retrofitting the turboexpander’s original AMB system with Waukesha’s latest generation AMB controller with its advanced control law technology. In the second scenario, both the OEM AMB controller and stator parts are replaced with Waukesha AMB mechanical components. Read the whitepaper, “Qualified Active Magnetic Bearing Retrofits for Turbo-expanders,” to learn more about the design process and test findings.