The winner of a Year of Belgian Beer contest is….

L.A. Turbine is proud to announce the winner of a Year of Belgian Beer contest… and the winner is Ronnie Donaldson from Williams, Houston, TX. The winner receives one Belgian Beer a day for 365 days! Congratulations and Santé to Ronnie!

No contest would be right without a second and third place.

Second place, Chris R. Root from DCP Midstream, Denver, CO will receive two L.A. Turbine commemorative glasses from the past two years and an L.A. Turbine bottle opener to enjoy that tasty Belgian beer.

Third place, Frank Lousberg from Zap Engineering and Construction Services Inc., Lakewood, CO will receive an L.A. Turbine hat and a bottle opener.

The L.A. Turbine team congratulates all the winners. We sincerely thank you for visiting our Belgian Beer Café this year at the GPA. We hope to see you next year at our 5th Annual Belgian Beer Café at the GPA

For additional information, please contact Shawne Thiry- .