Producing Results for PennTex Midstream: EPC, Inc. and L.A. Turbine

LAT Expander-Compressor Installed


When PennTex Permian, LLC (formerly Atlantic Midstream, LLC) was looking to build a new midstream gas processing plant, they called on a company and people they knew they could trust. So began the conversation between Jon Jasper, President of EPC, Inc., and David Hiett, Chief Operating Officer, PennTex Permian, LLC. Following many review sessions, the plans were finalized, process flows determined and equipment sourcing commenced.

Building a plant is a complex puzzle where every pipe, valve, nozzle and component must come together to ensure a successful result. A key component to ensuring that gas production processing and output goals are met is found within the turboexpander equipment. As the plant designer, Jon evaluated his options for a turboexpander company and once again, the word trust came to mind.  He’d seen L.A. Turbine (LAT) equipment at plant sites and had heard good things, but hadn’t done business with them –yet. Following a series of meetings with members of L.A. Turbine’s Gulf Coast team, Jasper decided it was time to visit L.A. Turbine’s headquarters to meet the engineering team and see the manufacturing facility first-hand.

The visit sealed the deal. “I was most impressed with the advanced engineering capabilities as well as with the facilities themselves,” said Jon Jasper. “Not only did I find a company I could trust but the people I met were committed, passionate and true experts in turboexpanders.” Soon after, LAT 530EC, a flange-to-flange expander-compressor for hydrocarbon processing was built and shipped to PennTex Permian’s new 60 MMSCFD gas processing plant in Pecos, Texas.

Moment of Truth

L.A. Turbine Commissions Turboexpander at PennTex Pecos Plant


The pieces of the puzzle were coming together but would not be complete until the turboexpander was installed and the gas began to flow. Commissioning day arrived. L.A. Turbine field engineer, Todd Heninger was onsite and ready to bring LAT 530EC to life. In addition to Heninger, the installation team included the usual PennTex and EPC crews of plant operation and maintenance personnel.

The team placed the L1000 turboexpander skid in place, connected piping, adjusted valves, tested flow rates, checked and double checked gauges. All systems were ready. The installation was complete and on February 11, 2015, LAT 530EC went into official production mode for PennTex Permian’s Pecos Plant. The entire commissioning process took two days which is normal timing for an installation of this type.

“Execution, performance and a commitment to providing first-rate services is key to PennTex and we have found those qualities in EPC, Inc. as well as in their turboexpander supplier, L.A. Turbine,” said David Hiett, COO, PennTex Permian, LLC. “Having the Reeves County plant on-line brings us one step closer to providing our producers with the portfolio of midstream services needed in the Permian Basin. PennTex Permian, EPC, Inc. and L.A. Turbine add up to a great partnership all around.”

“PennTex Permian, EPC, Inc. and L.A. Turbine add up to a great partnership all around.”


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