L.A. Turbine & Premium Energy 2014 OGU Turboexpander Event

Thank you to everyone who visited with our business partner, Premium Energy, during the Uzbekistahn International Oil & Gas (OGU-2014) exhibition held May 13-15, 2014.  To learn more about L.A. Turbine new equipment design and spare parts shipments to Russian and CIS countries, please contact our representative in Moscow, Shveynov Alexey at .  New equipment and aftermarket requests outside this geographic area are handled by L.A. Turbine’s global network of sales and service centers. Earlier this year, L.A. Turbine in partnership with Premium Energy, designed and delivered a L2000 turboexpander-compressor to a gas processing plant in Russia. This is the first unit of its kind to be installed in the entire country. In addition to the L2000 unit shipment, L.A. Turbine just completed the manufacturing and shipment of four additional high pressure L.A. Turbine turboexpander-compressor skid packages also destined for Russia. la-turbine-ogu-alexey-alex-booth la-turbine-ogu-booth-1 la-turbine-ogu-booth-2