Major reorganization at L.A. Turbine

Following the trend of the oil and gas market, L.A. Turbine (LAT), has invested in new tools and larger facilities while at the same time drastically increased its personnel resources.

Also, for the first time in the Turboexpander industry, LAT has successfully standardized the Frame L2000 and L3000. This has allowed LAT to build a shorter skid package with a smaller foot print as well as opening up a wide range of power for different applications

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As of today, the LAT expansion is finished and fully implemented.

Thus resulting in a reduction in lead times in some cases 50% or greater for standard frame machines.

And, the best news, we were able to reduce the costs of our production by 15%

L.A. Turbine’s newly designed Turboexpanders will be available starting December 1st (first) 2011.

L.A. Turbine is the worldwide leader in Turboexpander manufacturing for Oil and Gas, Air Separation and Energy Recovery (Geothermal).

LAT employs 95 people and has a total of 75,000 square foot of manufacturing at its headquarters in Valencia, CA, USA

LAT also has its European branch, located in Liege (Belgium), providing full service/sales support to the European, Middle Eastern and African customers.

Lastly, LAT is close to opening its Gulf Coast Sales and Service Center in Houston, Texas.

L.A. Turbine – Experience | Expedited | Quality

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