L.A. Turbine Providing Solution for Flare Gas Recovery

Although the U.S. economy is benefiting from the oil and gas discoveries within the shale plays, producers and midstream oil and gas companies are facing new regulations and requirements to reduce the amount of flare gas resulting from residual gas burn off at well sites. 

L.A. Turbine is developing a new product line of Boil Off Gas (BOG) Compressors to be bundled with L.A. Turbine Turboexpanders in order to recover the residual gas and reconstitute it into a liquefied natural gas (LNG) form for storage or transport.  This allows plants to decrease the carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere while generating another revenue stream for a by-product that was a waste item.  Not only can this BOG compressor and turboexpander equipment solution be applied on land but also can be implemented within floating LNG vessels. Learn more about L.A. Turbine’s Boil Off Gas (BOG) Compressors by completing the inquiry form below.

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