L.A. Turbine Moves Headquarters and Expands to a 90,000 Square Foot Facility

Customers Benefit From New Pricing and Expedited Delivery

As of January 1, 2014, L.A. Turbine has a new 90,000 square foot headquarters facility for turboexpander design, manufacturing, testing and aftermarket service business.  As L.A. Turbine’s business continues to grow, our new facility gives us the competitive edge to continue to design, manufacture, deliver and service highly engineered turboexpanders plus provide customers with the aftermarket service and repair work they’ve come to expect from us.


Most importantly, customers will benefit from more competitive pricing and even faster delivery timeframes due to implementing best practices in the design, layout and process flows associated with every step of our production process.  Plus, investments in state-of-the-art equipment specifically related to reverse engineering, parts design, automation and quality management processes also result in price advantages for our customers.  Customers will benefit immediately from price advantages and quicker delivery times on L.A. Turbine turboexpander skids in the L1000-L4000 frame series.

L.A. Turbine is unique among turboexpander manufacturers and service providers as the company made a strategic decision to control the entire design and manufacturing process and that means we can ensure materials availability, guarantee quality control, provide quicker field service response times and problem resolution plus beat new design and aftermarket equipment repair timeframes overall.  We have met these goals and with our expansion we are positioned to raise the bar even higher.

Not to be forgotten and crucial to our business success is our employee base of 110 people and growing who also benefit from our new facility.  Improved technology, expanded group design areas and work space enhances L.A. Turbine applications, project management and engineering team’s ability to bring strategic thinking, innovative design, reliable performance and great problem-solving skills to our custom-designed turboexpander equipment offerings.  In addition, we can respond even faster to build and delivery timelines for equipment due to technological advancements, physical proximity and ongoing communication and collaboration among our purchasing, manufacturing and production personnel within our new facility.  Our goal is to provide our customers with innovative turboexpander solutions that deliver profitable results to their bottom line.  Our new facility will enable us to do so every time.

We thank you for seven years of business success at our old address and we look forward to welcoming you to our new home.  We’re still in the same neighborhood, just a few blocks north.

Please make note of our new address listed below.

New Headquarters Address as of 1/1/14
28557 Industry Drive
Valencia, CA 91355

Current Headquarters Address through 12/31/13
29151 Avenue Penn
Valencia, CA 91355

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