L.A. Turbine Ships Turboexpander to Russia – Represents Country’s First-ever Expander-Compressor Unit

It’s the first unit of its kind to be installed at the plant and in Russia overall, with commissioning scheduled for mid-summer 2014.  The L2000 expander-compressor unit with Lube Oil and Seal Gas System and Programmable Logic Control (PLC) panel was completely designed and manufactured within L.A. Turbine’s Valencia, California facility.  In addition to this Russian shipment, four additional high-pressure turboexpander units are currently being manufactured by L.A. Turbine for shipment to the Tomsk region of Russia in February and March 2014.

The L2000 turboexpander-compressor unit is designed to handle extreme performance and weather conditions including speed, power generation, oil density as well as sub-arctic temperatures.  Designed for highly efficient expansion capabilities, the pre-boost expander-compressor unit with a Lube Oil and Seal Gas System will produce up to 1100 kW/h wheel power, handle an approximate flow of 100 MMSCFD, yield 12% liquid weight and a temperature drop of 41oC.  All system components including the PLC for the auxiliary lubrication system are mounted on a single baseplate.

Not only did L.A. Turbine meet the unique and challenging design and performance requirements for the expander equipment but the company also met the government and regulatory compliance requirements of Russia’s GOST R and ROSTECHNADZOR agencies.  Compliance requirements include permits, certifications, inspection and equipment operation manuals called passports.  L.A. Turbine also beat industry standard delivery times required for a custom-designed turboexpander machine by several weeks.

“We are thrilled to be leading this pioneering effort to bring turboexpander compressor solutions to the Russian oil and gas industry,” said Christian Maskaluk, Managing Director, L.A. Turbine Europe.  “The advance delivery of this machine further demonstrates L.A. Turbine’s ability to innovate, collaborate and communicate on all levels.”

Perm, the third largest Russian city after Moscow and St. Petersburg, is known for its significant gas and oil refining industry.  The gas processing plant has a capacity of 560 MM m3/year. The project is the second processing unit for low temperature condensation and fractionation process.

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