L.A. Turbine is approaching 40!

The L.A. Turbine team is pleased to announce that its installation base of OEM Turboexpanders is growing and rapidly approaching 40 machines! After first establishing itself as the best-in-class Turboexpander repair, redesign and field service company, L.A. Turbine started building its own branded Turboexpander equipment in 2007. With years of accumulated knowledge from Turboexpander industry veterans, this transition was a natural extension of L.A. Turbine’s existing core competency. Our valued customers immediately acknowledged our quality, engineering know-how, flexibility and speed of delivery. Since then, there has been no looking back!

Currently, L.A. Turbine has 26 machines successfully deployed and running in gas plants, air separation plants, and geothermal plants all over the world. Fourteen more machines are staged for delivery to our customers during 2012.

“LA Turbine’s growth has been fueled by employees committed to excellence and sustained by the market’s deepening trust of our best-in-class products and services,” says Danny Mascari, President of L.A. Turbine. “We look forward to reaching the 50-machine milestone next year!” he added.

In addition to providing new, application-specific turboexpander equipment, L.A. Turbine is the industry leader in providing expert Field Service, Repair, Redesign, and Spare Parts for all types of Turboexpanders worldwide.

L.A. Turbine Corporation – The Turboexpander Company, is a manufacturer of, and service provider for application specific, highly engineered Turboexpanders that are utilized within power-recovery applications in industrial processes worldwide. Additionally, L.A. Turbine provides repair, service, re-design and spare parts for all Turboexpander brands. With a focus on Hydrocarbon Processing and Geothermal Power Generation, L.A. Turbine employs a uniquely qualified and highly experienced team of engineers and project managers capable of designing, manufacturing and repairing Turboexpanders to meet the most demanding requirements.

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