100th Turboexpander Unit Produced


100th Unit: Turboexpander-Compressors with Active Magnetic Bearings for Ethylene Processing

L.A. Turbine (LAT) celebrates the design and shipment of its 100th turboexpander, LAT 560EC! LAT 560EC is a two-stage L3000 Turboexpander-Compressor with active magnetic bearings, common seal gas system, mounted on a common skid for a U.S. based ethylene processing facility. Once again, L.A. Turbine provided its’ customer with a one-stop, comprehensive turboexpander solution as the 100th unit was designed, engineered, manufactured and tested in the company’s Valencia, California facility.


Two-Stage L3000 Turboexpander-Compressors Share Common Skid & Remote Control System

Team Celebrates Manufacturing Milestone


L.A. Turbine employees including key members of the engineering, design and manufacturing team came together to celebrate the manufacturing achievement of the company’s 100th unit, a two-stage L3000 Active Magnetic Bearing Turboexpander-Compressor unit.