LAT Turboexpander Drives TECO-Westinghouse Heat Recovery System

TECO-Westinghouse has teamed up with L.A. Turbine (LAT) and A G Equipment to design and deploy a Heat Recovery System (HRS) with “green energy” CO2 capture capabilities, applicable for the utility and oil & gas sectors. The LAT-designed turboexpander drives TECO-Westinghouse’s high-speed motor, supported by A G Equipment’s compressor package. Read the news release.

Perform Turboexpander Repair & Maintenance for Sustained Performance & Profitability

Gas Processing & LNG (Sept/Oct 2021) Luis E. Rodriguez and Rusty Hoch Turboexpander Repair and Maintenance for Sustained Performance and Profitability Gain insight into the workings of turbomachinery and how maintenance and proper repair intervention contribute to sustained and increased performance and profitability from L.A. Turbine practitioners with an OEM and aftermarket perspective. Click to […]