LAT Article Discusses Turboexpander Design, Operation & Troubleshooting

LAT engineers discuss the fundamentals of turboexpander design, operations, special features, maintenance, troubleshooting + more Read Now

Dual L2000 Units Featured in Hydrocarbon Engineering

LAT delivers 50% increase for Dual AMB L2000 Turboexpanders. L.A. Turbine is among the compressor companies featured in Hydrocarbon Engineering’s 2017 Compressor Review. Read about L.A. Turbine’s recent redesign work on dual skid-mounted L2000 turboexpander-compressors with active magnetic bearings to increase mass flow by 50% and more. Read Now

L.A Turbine’s Hydrocarbon Engineering 2016 Compressor Review

L.A. Turbine is among the compressor companies featured in Hydrocarbon Engineering’s 2016 Compressor Review. Read about L.A. Turbine’s recent deliveries of turboexpander-compressors including mag bearing ethylene processing (100th machine), LNG, petrochemical and dew point control units. Read Now

CompressorTech 2 (CT2) Profiles L.A. Turbine’s Success

CompressorTech 2 (CT2) profiles L.A. Turbine and it’s achievement of designing, producing and shipping its 100th turboexpander unit in 2016.  Learn more about the milestone mag-bearing turboexpander skid, the company’s recent global shipment of 6+ units and collaboration with Waukesha Bearings! Read Now

Turbomachinery International Reports on Mag Bearing Turboexpander Shipments & Orders

Read about L.A. Turbine’s (LAT) recent shipment and orders of magnetic bearing turboexpander-compressors in the January/February issue of Turbomachinery International, page 10.  Shipped and ready for commissioning are two L3000 magnetic bearing turboexpander-compressors for a gas processing plant in the Middle East.  Other news from LAT includes an order for a pair of L3000 two-stage […]

The Expanding Turboexpander Marketplace

The Expanding Turboexpander Marketplace Danny Mascari, President of L.A. Turbine discusses turboexpander history, technology, applications, range of operation and market opportunities. How did L.A. Turbine get started? John Maskaluk founded the company in 2003 in a garage in Valencia, California. He was previously a veteran of a major turboexpander supplier. When that firm was acquired, […]