Newsletter: LAT Turns 15!

Spring 2018

LAT Turns 15!

Celebrating 15 Years of Innovative Turboexpander Design and Service!

2018 marks L.A. Turbine’s 15th year of business. Founded in 2003 as a turboexpander aftermarket services company, L.A. Turbine (LAT) has evolved to be a leading provider of new equipment design and fabrication of turboexpanders, plus continues to offer a full suite of aftermarket and field services to a global customer base.

We’re proud of the milestones we’ve accomplished along the way:

And, 2018 is looking to be a banner year with first-quarter highlights including:

Fabrication & testing of ARES unit; accomplished within a year of R&D release
Shipment of 150th turboexpander package
Hosting 10th GPA Belgian Beer Café
Presenting 4th paper for the International Turbomachinery & Pump Symposium

Aftermarket DIY: Turboexpander Wellness Check

Perform Annual Wellness Check to Ensure Unit Reliability & Availability
L.A. Turbine L3000 with Active Magnetic Bearings installed in the Middle East

Spring is a good time to show your turboexpander some TLC with an annual wellness check. We consulted L.A. Turbine’s senior field service advisors with 40+ years each of hands-on turboexpander service experience to find out what operators should do to keep their equipment in tip-top shape. Here’s what they had to say!

LAT’s Turboexpander Maintenance Tips:
  • Machine Skid: KEEP IT CLEAN! A clean machine skid allows you to locate leaks. Pressure-wash the equipment annually and fix leaks promptly.
  • Expander Inlet/Outlet: Check and record the pressures/temperatures of the expander inlet/outlet to ensure the unit is operating within the specified process conditions.
  • Compressor Suction/Discharge: Check and record the pressures/temperatures of the compressor suction/discharge to ensure the unit is operating within the specified process conditions.
  • Accumulator Charge: Check the accumulator charge pressure.
  • Lube Oil: Inspect the lube oil. If oil is questionable upon visual inspection, send an oil sample for analysis. If required, change the oil.
  • Duplex Lube Oil Filter: If there is an alarm, simply switch to the other oil filter. Later inspect and replace oil filters as needed.
  • Seal Gas Filters: Open, inspect, and replace seal gas filters as needed.
  • Fan & Pump Motor Bearings: Grease the motor bearings per sub-vendor instructions.
  • Instrumentation: Verify the proper operation of temperature and pressure instruments.
  • Alarm: Verify alarm and shutdown logic.
  • Batteries: If you operate an Allen Bradley Legacy PLC (SLC500) product, change the battery every couple of years. Record date of battery change.
  • Variable Nozzle Actuator: Check the variable nozzle actuator for air supply pressure, air operating pressure and spring pre-load.
  • Expander Shutdown Valve: Check operation of the expander shutdown valve.

Follow these tips to keep your turboexpander operating at peak performance. Have a question or need service of your turboexpander? L.A. Turbine offers free turboexpander troubleshooting 24/7/365 at 1 800 FX-TURBO! Learn more about turboexpander design, operation, and maintenance by visiting

Attend ARES Witness Testing – Starting May 7th

In less than a year, LAT has brought ARES, an innovative R&D turboexpander concept to life! This May, be among the few to attend these limited, LIVE test events for the ARES AMB 200MMSCFD turboexpander-compressor at the company’s Los Angeles headquarters. Guests will attend briefing sessions with the R&D engineering team, take a behind-the-scenes look at LAT’s entire design-to-build process, and get the exclusive on LAT’s new innovation in the pipeline—we’re always rethinking turboexpanders. As one can expect, the VIP event includes Belgian hospitality too!

Space is limited. To gain access to this VIP event, contact Troy O’Steen or your LAT representative at Bartlett Equipment or Kruger Associates.

ARES Delivers Innovative Options for Gas Processing

Whether you are an EPC or an end-user, ARES delivers optimal equipment and financial performance. ARES is the industry’s first, standard turboexpander-compressor unit featuring either oil or active magnetic bearings (AMB) for the same price, and features another industry-first, a skid-mounted AMB controller and PLC certified for hazardous area installation.

The advanced AMB control system has state-of-the-art digital signal processors and sophisticated control algorithms to continuously optimize dynamic performance and efficiency. The control panel features secure remote connectivity for monitoring, tuning and diagnostic services. End-users are able to perform automated commissioning which reduces start-up time and costs.

Learn more about ARES oil and magnetic bearing units here.

Save April 17th for LAT’s GPA Belgian Beer Cafe

Man, myth or legend? Who or what’s behind the success of L.A. Turbine? You’ll be the first to know when you visit L.A. Turbine’s Belgian Beer Café during the 2018 GPA Convention in Austin, TX. Save Tuesday, April 17 for a night where secrets are revealed, guests’ wishes are fulfilled, and beer, chocolate and waffles are served in plenty.

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Letter from The President

Let’s Celebrate!

Wow, we have lots to celebrate this year! 2018 marks 15 years since L.A. Turbine (LAT) opened its doors for business. In 2003, we set out on a mission to provide customers with aftermarket solutions to OEM turboexpander problems. We quickly developed a reputation for timely response, premium service and became known as the turboexpander specialists, not generalists. Within a few short years, we capitalized on our brain power, machine knowledge and the market opportunity, and took the bold step to build our own brand of turboexpanders. In 2007 we delivered our first L.A. Turbine-branded turboexpander. Today, we continue to service all turboexpander brands across the globe, and we’ve built 130+ LAT turboexpanders and are on our way to 150 units this year. On top of that, we’re blazing trails with ARES, an industry-first, standard turboexpander package–an innovative design that’s gone from concept to testing in less than one year!

How Do We Do It?
People, Innovation and Commitment. We have great people with great minds and committed hearts. We also care about each other. Everyone has a voice and the ability to make a difference. Guess you could say, we’re family!

Join Us At GPA!
Let’s continue the family celebration! Join LAT and our infamous beer monks for a taste of Belgian beer, waffles and chocolate during L.A. Turbine’s Belgian Beer Café, April 17 at the GPA National Convention in Austin, TX. We’ll even let you in on a company secret.

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We’re Committed to You!
We remain as committed to our mission today as we did 15 years ago—to deliver turboexpander solutions to our clients by providing premium service, equipment and turboexpander expertise. We thank you for the opportunity to serve you, our clients. If you haven’t worked with us yet, give us a call or come visit us. We’d like you to become a part of our LAT family too!

Happy Spring!