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LAT Turboexpander Drives TECO-Westinghouse Heat Recovery System

November 2, 2021

TECO-Westinghouse has teamed up with L.A. Turbine (LAT) and A G Equipment to design and deploy a Heat Recovery System (HRS) with “green energy” CO2 capture capabilities, applicable for the utility and oil & gas sectors. The LAT-designed turboexpander drives TECO-Westinghouse’s high-speed motor, supported by A G Equipment’s compressor package. Read the news release.

Secure & Sustain Turboexpander Performance & Profitability

October 21, 2021

Gain insight into the workings of turbomachinery and how maintenance and proper repair intervention contribute to sustained and increased performance and profitability from practitioners with an OEM and aftermarket perspective in the Sept/Oct issue of Gas Processing & LNG magazine now. 

L.A. Turbine Sends Third ARES AMB to Bakken Shale

August 27, 2021

LAT delivers its third ARES AMB, L3000, 200 MMSCFD, turboexpander-compressor unit to the Bakken & an oil bearing L4000 featuring two MCS configurations (pre & post-boost process) ships to Nigerian petrochemical facility. Jill Evanko, Chart CEO and President, discusses LAT acquisition. Learn more

L.A. Turbine Joins Forces with Chart Industries

July 1, 2021

Chart Industries, Inc. has acquired L.A. Turbine, a global leader in turboexpander design, engineering, manufacturing, assembly and testing for new and aftermarket equipment, and significant in-house engineering expertise. Read more

LAT Article on Turboexpander Rotor Dynamics Published

June 22, 2021

Gain a solid understanding of turboexpander rotor dynamics in LAT’s recently published article, “Introduction to oil bearing turboexpander rotor dynamics,” by Tadeh Avetian and Luis E. Rodriguez in Gas Processing magazine’s May/June 2021 issue. Expand your knowledge now.