Turbo & Pump Show 2019

Congratulations to L.A. Turbine engineers Tadeh Avetian, P.E. and Luis E. Rodriguez along with Junyoung Park, Ph.d from Samsung Engineering Company on their successful TPS 2019 lecture. A large group comprised of engineers to educators,  EPCs and manufacturers came to learn key findings from the co-authored paper,  Addressing High Sub-Synchronous Vibrations on a Turboexpander Equipped with Active Magnetic Bearings. Thanks to all who attended and participated in the post-presentation discussion.

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L.A. Turbine & Samsung Paper Selected for 2019 TPS Symposia Presentation

Lecture Sept. 11 @ 9:15-10AM – Room 360A 

It’s official! Engineers Tadeh Avetian, P.E. and Luis E. Rodriguez from L.A. Turbine (LAT) along with Junyoung Park, Ph.d from Samsung Engineering Company will present their paper, Addressing High Sub-Synchronous Vibrations on a Turboexpander Equipped with Active Magnetic Bearings during the 2019 Turbomachinery and Pump Symposium (TPS). Join us Wednesday, September 11 from 9:15-10AM in Room 360A for the lecture.

Tadeh Avetian

L.A. Turbine

Luis E. Rodriguez

L.A. Turbine

Junyoung Park Ph.d

Samsung Engineering Co.

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The paper discusses the authors’ experience with a turboexpander (TEX) equipped with active magnetic bearings (AMBs) in a natural gas processing facility. The TEX was unable to achieve design performance due to high sub-synchronous vibration since its commissioning. Rotordynamic simulations revealed that the most likely root-cause of the high vibration was the excitation of an unstable rigid body mode of the rotor-bearing system due to high cross-coupled stiffness effects. The paper also discusses the redesign features incorporated into the TEX that resolved the sub-synchronous vibration.

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Visit the show floor and talk with our AMB turboexpander experts Tadeh Avetian and Troy O’Steen to learn more about ARES AMB, the industry’s first active magnetic bearing (AMB) turboexpander with an on-skid AMB controller. Connect with our aftermarket team experts, Rusty Hoch and Chad Maccanelli to discuss turboexpander refurbishment, rebuild and repair work, or learn more about LAT’s field service team’s extensive experience with all makes and models of turboexpanders.

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