Training is essential to the effective and safe operation of your plant. Give employees the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the equipment and processes they control with training by L.A. Turbine on topics including Turboexpander 101 Basics, How to Change Out a Mechanical Center Section (MCS) and Magnetic Bearing 101 Basics. Training content isn’t limited to L.A. Turbine equipment. As a company founded on providing aftermarket service for all makes and models of turboexpanders 17+ years ago, LAT offers expert training on all non-LAT branded turboexpanders as well. Invest in training and realize great returns. Not only will personnel perform better, but plant efficiency, productivity and profitability will show marked improvements.

End-users Attend Turboexpander 101 Training at LAT HQs

L.A. Turbine programs range from several hours to multiple days and include both standard and customized curriculum offerings. The sessions are highly interactive and allow students to have hands-on machine experience. Often site-specific operational concerns can be answered during the training session.

Standard program curriculum offerings include:

“Lunch and Learn” Sessions – Turboexpanders 101 or Advanced Curriculum

Another great way to learn about turboexpanders is through our Lunch and Learn (L&L) sessions. Sessions are led by a L.A. Turbine product specialist and content is based on the participants’ knowledge and experience levels. For example, a Turboexpander 101 course covers turboexpander basics including defining what it is, how it operates, appropriate applications, performance features, operational benefits, best practice approaches and troubleshooting. L&L sessions typically last one hour, include a question and answer session, and are geared toward equipment procurement and engineering company personnel who specify rotating equipment, and for plant operations and maintenance team members. Sessions can be held on the customers’ premises or within a L.A. Turbine classroom facility.

Turboexpander 101 Basics

This course covers general turboexpander operations, maintenance, and spare parts requirements for successful operation. Topics include turboexpander origins – the theory, design, manufacture, and function of the various mechanical components of the turboexpander are discussed, along with instruction on how to properly operate the turboexpander’s human machine interface (HMI). A site-specific review of the turboexpander piping and instrumentation diagram (P&ID) and an in-depth look at regulators, valves and systems is included.

Mechanical Center Section (MCS) Switch Out

This course offers the ‘how-to’ for proper shutdown, removal, and reinstallation of the plant’s critical turboexpander MCS replacement, and is intensively ‘hands-on’ for operators, mechanics, and instrument and electrical technicians.

Magnetic Bearings 101 Basics

Popular within the petrochemical industry, turboexpanders with active magnetic bearings (AMB) are now gaining traction in natural gas applications. Following an overview of both bearing designs and applications, course attendees will dive deeper to learn about the principles of AMB operation, applications, maintenance and troubleshooting.

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Choose from on-site training at your plant or local facility, or travel to L.A. Turbine’s headquarters for training. For on-site plant training, L.A. Turbine training personnel travel to your site and manage the entire training session. Participants attending training at LAT will also step out of the classroom and onto our manufacturing floor for a first-hand look at the entire turboexpander design-to-build process and interact with our engineers, fabricators, assemblers and testing personnel.

Thank you for your interest in LAT’s training services. Tell us more about the training information you want by either completing this form or calling our FX-TURBO Team at +1 855 398 8726 (+1 855 FX-TURBO).