Repair & Redesign


Repair & Redesign

Whether it’s a plant down emergency, a gas flow change, broken or failing components, or ongoing performance issue, turn to L.A. Turbine for reliable, responsive and innovative turboexpander repair and redesign solutions. Our FX-TURBO Team of turboexpander specialists provide global support 24/7/365 in the field, via phone (+1 855 FX-TURBO), or within our fully equipped engineering and manufacturing service centers in California and Belgium. No matter who the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), LAT can service and repair your turboexpander whether it’s a new unit, a legacy machine, or a refurbished make or model.

One-Stop Service Solution

LAT offers premium aftermarket service, delivered by specialized turboexpander experts, in LAT’s fully equipped in-house engineering, diagnostic, manufacturing, assembly and testing facility. We control the entire process, from concept through commissioning, so urgent repair matters are easily accommodated.

All Brands, Configurations & Applications

We are a dedicated turboexpander engineering and manufacturing company with 17+ years of experience repairing and servicing all turboexpander brands, configurations and applications. These include turboexpander-compressor, turboexpander-dynamometer (oil brake), turboexpander-generator units and configurations with active magnetic bearing (AMB) systems being used for hydrocarbon processing, air separation, power recovery and power generation. Hydrocarbon processing applications include LNG, NGL and propane dehydrogenation (PDH). Industrial gas uses include air separation and helium production, and waste heat recovery and geothermal production are examples of power recovery and power generation applications.

Crisis Situations: FX-TURBO Team Delivers Immediately

Crisis situations require immediate action and LAT’s FX-TURBO Team delivers. Our global FX-TURBO Team provides emergency help 24/7/365 via our +1 855 FX-TURBO Hotline (+1 855 398 8726). If the problem warrants on-site support, an FX-TURBO Field Service Technician can arrive within 24 hours of an emergency. When repairs require urgent shop intervention, LAT can easily deliver expedited repair services since all work is done in L.A. Turbine’s service centers. In all cases, customers are paired with a LAT FX-TURBO Team Specialist who provides personalized client service from start to finish.

Depth & Breadth of Repair & Redesign Services

L.A. Turbine can help with turboexpander repairs or redesign, regardless of the OEM, in the following areas:

  • Engineering Design | Failure Analysis | Reverse Engineering
  • FX-TURBO Field Services | Troubleshooting | Technical Consultation
  • Turboexpander & Performance Evaluations
  • Repair | Redesign | Refurbishment | Upgrades | Conversion
    • Components | Assemblies | Skid Packages
    • Oil & Active Magnetic Bearing (AMB) Systems
    • Mechanical Spare Part Design & Production
    • Instrumentation & Control Systems
  • Balancing | Testing | Inspection

OUR MISSION: L.A. Turbine is committed to providing expedient service, accurate diagnosis and timely repairs of your turboexpander equipment in order to minimize downtime, maximize processing time and profitability for your company.

Having Problems?
  • Is the plant completely down?
  • Is the turboexpander experiencing ongoing shutdowns?
  • Is the machine experiencing high vibration?
  • Are temperatures or flow ranges erratic?
  • Has an oil test revealed contaminants?
Get Help Fast with LAT’s FX-TURBO Team!

Emergency situations like these require immediate response by a turboexpander expert. LAT’s FX-TURBO Aftermarket Repair Services include:

  • Field Services
  • Turboexpander Evaluations
  • Technical Consultation | Troubleshooting
  • Design | Reverse Engineering
  • Manufacturing | Assembly | Testing
  • Individual Parts | Assemblies | Full Skid
  • Installation | Maintenance | Operations
  • Equipment Transportation

Case Study #1
Redesign/Modification Hirth Coupling – NON-LAT
Reason: Sub Synchronous Vibration

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Need to Redesign the Design?
  • Have gas conditions changed from the initial turboexpander design?
LAT Can Help

Turn to LAT’s team of proven engineering and manufacturing turboexpander specialists for help with a turboexpander redesign or rerate, regardless of the OEM make or model. Our goal is to help preserve your original equipment investment and make the necessary modifications to meet new gas conditions, performance output, and revenue goals, while ensuring the safe and reliable operation of the turboexpander. Count on a team who’s always rethinking turboexpanders.

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Case Study #1
Redesign/Modification Hirth Coupling – NON-LAT
Reason: Sub Synchronous Vibration

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In 2003, L.A. Turbine formed to meet a need for better and more reliable service of turboexpanders. Joined by a handful of veteran engineers from the turboexpander industry, L.A. Turbine quickly made its mark in providing premium field services and quick turnaround on aftermarket repairs for any make or model of turboexpander. Eighteen years later we continue to be the go-to aftermarket provider to thousands of global customers regardless of the OEM, configuration or application.

We’re always rethinking turboexpanders!

Contact us for help with your non-LAT turboexpander service or repair

Case Study #1
Redesign/Modification Hirth Coupling – Non-LAT
Reason: Sub Sychronous Vibration

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NOTE: If this is an emergency, call the FX-TURBO Team 24/7/365 at +1 855 398 8726.