Regardless of the OEM make or model, LAT is experienced in the service, repair, redesign and retrofit of mechanical parts, assemblies and electrical systems for turboexpanders. Since 2003, LAT has been providing aftermarket service and repairs on legacy turbomachinery including turboexpander-compressors, expander-generator and expander-dynamometer units around the world.

Reverse Engineering
Drawings Don’t Exist? No Problem!

In the event original equipment drawings aren’t available, LAT can create new drawings through reverse engineering of the existing components. Our in-house capabilities guarantee the delivery of top-quality precision-made parts with quicker turnarounds.

Parts Inventory & Customer Database
Stop Searching. We’ve Got This

As a plant manager, do you find yourself asking questions about your turboexpander equipment or spare parts inventory such as, “Do we have…, Where is…, or When did this…?” Stop searching and turn to L.A. Turbine for help. We maintain a database of information based on the original piece of equipment and then link it to our customer. No matter who the OEM is or when the relationship started, we can find the answer. We’re in this for the long haul—consider LAT your service partner for life.

Parts Repair & Installation Team
Best & Brightest Talent

Our field service technicians help install new or repaired parts, provide turboexpander evaluations, perform wellness service, and address equipment problems 24/7/365. Bringing an average of 24+ years of rotating equipment operation and maintenance experience to the task, our team of turboexpander specialists represents the best and the brightest. Contact David Bloss of our FX-TURBO Team to learn more about our field support services.

Turboexpanders do not require an extensive list of spares yet it is recommended end users keep a spare mechanical center section (MCS) or spare rotating assembly (SRA) on hand. In the event of a failure, the spare MCS can be installed immediately and the damaged MCS can be sent out for repairs. The MCS spare contains, at a minimum, a fully assembled rotor, which includes the expander and compressor wheels and shaft, bearings, shaft and wheel seals and sometimes an inlet guide vane (IGV) assembly. Having a spare on hand ensures less plant downtime, quicker turnaround, and allows for more flexibility in problem-solving when a machine failure occurs.

For maintenance purposes, other auxiliary spare parts to have on hand include spare seal gas and oil filter elements, control panel electronic components, and magnetic bearing controller-related spares.


Whether an expander or compressor wheel is needed, with an open or closed wheel design, LAT’s in-house engineering and manufacturing team can fulfill the request regardless of the OEM make or model. The process and performance requirements of the turboexpander dictate whether the wheel is an open or closed wheel design and determine the material to be used in manufacturing. Most wheels are manufactured from aluminum, and in special circumstances, stainless steel and titanium are required. All wheels undergo a series of performance tests from concept through manufacturing, and prior to the release and delivery of the turboexpander, a simulated operational environment is created to ensure the turboexpander meets all design requirements. Request Wheels Info


L.A. Turbine custom designs and manufactures oil bearing and active magnetic bearing (AMB) shafts of any size for LAT and non-OEM turbomachinery. Most shafts are made with 17-4PH steel because of its stable nature and ability to handle wide temperature ranges. Unlike an oil-bearing shaft, the AMB shaft contains a thrust disk in the center where the axial bearings are positioned. Shafts of any type and configuration can be produced with existing drawings or can be reverse engineered from an existing shaft. L.A. Turbine uses 3D laser scanning and CMM to facilitate reproduction of spare parts when original drawings are not available. Request Shafts Info

Inlet Guide Vanes (IGVs)

Inlet Guide Vanes are the variable stators of the expander stage within a turboexpander-compressor. They serve to direct the incoming gas in a more ideal path toward the expander wheel, as well as function like a valve, by closing to pinch the flowrate. It is crucial the vane count, expander blade wheel count and speed of the machine are properly aligned to avoid potential structural resonance issues and damage to the expander wheel. Request Inlet Guide Vanes (IGVs) Info


Turboexpanders are fitted with two compound radial and thrust bearings. They can be either oil bearings or active magnetic bearings (AMB). In oil bearings these are fixed-geometry or tilt-pad types. Whereas AMB turboexpanders require a high-speed five axis controller. Regardless of the bearing type or the OEM make or model, LAT is experienced in the service, repair, redesign and retrofitting of bearing systems whether it’s a part or the entire assembly. Request Bearings Info

L.A. Turbine’s experienced FX-TURBO Field Service Technicians along with our in-house engineering and manufacturing teams are available 24/7 to provide spare parts service, repair or installation of new or upgraded probe and transmitter components.

Vibration Probes & Transmitters

Today’s maintenance personnel, vibration analysts, and mechanical engineers desire a flexible monitoring and control platform to more precisely diagnose and predict machinery malfunction. When coupled with a flexible data acquisition and analysis package, easily expandable input channels and real-time monitoring from remote locations, anything your personnel wants is available at their fingertips.

Speed Probes & Transmitters

Turboexpanders use speed sensors (probes) and transmitters to send RPM signals to the PLC or control system that processes the signals, displays RPM, and records the historical speed information into the data acquisition system. Sometimes speed sensors/transmitters fail or become erratic and/or intermittent in their function. L.A. Turbine keeps many common speed sensors and transmitters in stock in order to provide expedited spare parts supply.

LAT works with leading programmable logic controller (PLC) manufacturers to provide end users with a range of communication options between controllers while allowing for centralized data gathering, diagnostic and repair services. Regardless of the turboexpander OEM make or model, L.A. Turbine is experienced in the service, replacement, repair, redesign and retrofit of mechanical parts and assemblies, and provides parts and repairs for instrumentation and control systems.

Local Control Panel
HMI Display

Remote Control Panel
Program Logic Control (PLCs) & HMI Display

Modern turbomachinery consists of both mechanical and electronic parts. The electronic parts found on a turboexpander typically consist of programmable logic controllers (PLC), temperature, speed, and vibration sensors. PLC, used synonymously with the control system, describes a computer that receives signals from all machine sensors and calculates the inputs to provide various outputs presented via a graphic user interface (GUI) called the HMI display. The HMI displays current operating information such as gas flows, speed, temperatures, valve positions and shows warning signals when problems occur.

As a full-service provider of custom-designed control systems, LAT is able to design and fabricate spare or replacement parts for all OEM control system manufacturers’ regardless of the size or configuration, or whether the PLC contains antiquated relay or modern digital technology. Plus, LAT’s FX-TURBO Field Service Team can assist with troubleshooting, repair and installation of new units or parts at the plant site.

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NOTE: If this is an emergency, call the FX-TURBO Team 24/7/365 at +1 855 398 8726.