Repair & Service

Repair & Service

Comprehensive Repair & Service

LAT provides global turboexpander repair and service for any brand of OEM turboexpander and we provide immediate help with turboexpander emergencies, equipment issues or processing challenges 24/7/365. For urgent help anytime, call +1 855 FX-TURBO (+1 855 398 8726) to speak with David Bloss of our FX-TURBO Team. These turboexpander experts will work quickly to assess the problem and initiate an action plan.

Field & Customer Service

Repair & Redesign

L.A. Turbine can help with a turboexpander repair or redesign, no matter the brand or who the original equipment manufacturer is. Since 2003, LAT has worked on all manufacturers’ makes and models of turboexpanders and four years after, the Company delivered its first LAT-branded turboexpander-compressor. Since then, LAT has designed, manufactured and delivered 150+ turboexpanders and serviced thousands of units globally.


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Knowledge is Power
Knowledge is Power

Training is essential to the effective and safe operation of your plant. Give employees the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the equipment and processes they control with training by L.A. Turbine on topics including Turboexpander 101 BasicsHow to Change Out a Mechanical Center Section (MCS) and Magnetic Bearing 101 Basics. Training content isn’t limited to L.A. Turbine equipment. As a company founded on providing aftermarket service for all makes and models of turboexpanders 17+ years ago, LAT offers expert training on all non-LAT branded turboexpanders as well. Invest in training and realize great returns. Not only will personnel perform better, but plant efficiency, productivity and profitability will show marked improvements.

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NOTE: If this is an emergency, call the FX-TURBO Team 24/7/365 at +1 855 398 8726.