LAT CNC Manufacturing Services

LAT CNC Manufacturing Services

L.A. Turbine

L.A. Turbine (LAT), established in 2003, is a design and manufacturing company offering industrial manufacturers access to high quality, precision-engineered CNC milling and lathe manufacturing services. LAT specializes in engineering, design and production of rotating centrifuge components from most alloy and non-ferrous materials.

Products and Services

With unique expertise in application-specific industrial equipment, LAT offers full-service CNC solutions specializing in customized parts used for various products including rotating components. Our in-house capabilities and services include milling, lathe, welding, manufacturing, balancing and inspections using Haas, Kent, Sharp, TRAK & Schenck machinery.

Manufacturing Processes

L.A. Turbine CNC solutions include a vast array of manufacturing processes to support the entire product development life cycle. This includes engineering, high precision CNC milling and lathe manufacturing, complex component assembly, aftermarket equipment repair, engineered component redesign, spare parts fabrication, reverse engineering of existing parts, and full balancing and testing capabilities. All of this delivered by a team with extensive experience and a commitment to on-time deliveries and your complete customer satisfaction.

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With a history of excellence in metal fabrication, L.A. Turbine is ready to help with your milling, lathe and other welding needs of almost limitless size. We provide a quick response, premium customer service and deliver what is promised.