L.A. Turbine Newsletter – January 2021

L.A. Turbine Newsletter – January 2021

Named A Top 2020 Gas Processing & LNG Article

Read LAT’s Fundamentals of Turboexpander Design and Operation

Fundamentals of turboexpander design and operation is a must-read article for engineers, EPCs, and operations & maintenance personnel. The paper, written by LAT Director of Engineering Tadeh Avetian and Design Engineer Luis E. Rodriguez, explores turboexpander design and function basics, operations, maintenance and offers troubleshooting tips.

Originally featured in the May/June 2020 issue of Gas Processing & LNG (GP) magazine, the article was republished in January 2021 as it was named one of GP’s top stories of 2020. Read the article in its entirety

LAT Performs Non-OEM Expander-Generator Repairs

Repairs & Servicing Exp-Gen Since 2003

Protect your expander-generator performance, increase power output, and avoid plant shutdowns with the help of L.A. Turbine. Since 2003, LAT has proven to be the go-to non-OEM alternative for aftermarket services on all makes and models of turboexpanders including turboexpander-generator configurations.

Widely used for power generation, heat recovery and propane dehydrogenation (PDH), expander-generators often experience issues related to shaft vibration, seal breakdowns or leakage, and operational problems often due to delayed oil maintenance. LAT’s FX-TURBO Aftermarket Service Team can help when things go wrong.

Case Studies Showcase Repair Successes

LAT Offers a One-Stop Solution

LAT provides in-house turboexpander troubleshooting, engineering, design, manufacturing and testing at our shop. Plus our global team of FX-TURBO Turboexpander Specialists provide 24/7/365 emergency support via phone at +1 855 FX-TURBO (+1 855 398 8726) or with an on-site visit.

We’ve built a reputation for being responsive, smart, adaptable and reliable. Whether the application is geothermal, heat recovery, a pressure letdown or an Organic Recovery Cycle (ORC), L.A. Turbine’s team is verse in solving problems related to any of these expander-generator processes. Learn more.

LAT Launches New Website

Hello to 2021 and cheers to the launch of LAT’s new and improved website! Take a look around!

New features include:

LAT Adds Two Business Partners

L.A. Turbine Partners with Carson Technologies in Italy

L.A. Turbine (LAT) announces a new agent partnership with Carson Technologies based in Milan, Italy. Founder and owner, Pasquale Cariello, brings twenty plus years of global experience with compression, expander and air & N2 equipment, and system design within the energy sector. Carson Technologies portfolio of services includes engineering design, new equipment specification, and aftermarket support including maintenance, troubleshooting, spare part replacement and field services.

Pasquale and his team will support the needs of LAT clients seeking new turboexpander equipment or aftermarket support located in Italy. Learn more about Carson Technologies here.

IOG Consultants to Represent LAT in Australasia

LAT announces its partnership with International Oil & Gas Consultants (IOG Consultants). Strategically located in Singapore, IOG offers consulting services, product support and specialized equipment for oil and gas clients across Asia Pacific and beyond. As LAT’s agent, IOG will provide EPCs and owner-operators access to turboexpander engineering expertise, full service design-to-build services, as well as a suite of global 24/7/365 aftermarket support services including parts provision, maintenance and repairs.

The IOG team is led by Managing Director Ton Schonk, and is assisted by his son, Mark Schnok. Ton brings 35+ years of experience in the gas processing industry with LNG, FLNG, refining, petrochemicals and oleochemicals, and knowledge of the equipment related to these applications including valves and controls, rotating equipment, and static and combustion machinery. Mark, business development manager, is responsible for project management from concept through execution and customer service.

Ton and Mark Schonk will serve the needs of LAT customers located in SingaporeSoutheast Asia and Australasia. Learn more about IOG Consultants here.

ARES Celebrates One Year Anniversary

Where has the time gone? It’s been one year since LAT installed and commissioned its first ARES Active Magnetic Bearing (AMB) Turboexpander-Compressor within a newly established NGL processing plant in the Bakken Shale Play of North Dakota.

The L3000 unit, designed for a 200MMSCFD flow, features the industry’s first on-skid AMB controller and PLC. In the last year, LAT has also installed ARES AMB units in several other US-based NGL and cryo processing facilities.

End-users say key factors in choosing the ARES AMB turboexpander include the smaller footprint, faster install & commissioning, significantly less ongoing maintenance, ability to perform remote monitoring, and Class 1/Division 2 certification allowing for hazardous area installation.

Learn more about the ARES AMB solution. Take a virtual machine tour or read feature stories in Gas Compression and CompressorTech2 magazines.

FX-TURBO Catches Social Media Buzz

LAT’s FX-TURBO Aftermarket Services is all the buzz on social media. Our FX-TURBO Team stands ready to help with a turboexpander crisis, answer operations questions or provide tips on preventative maintenance. Follow LAT and be in the know.

President’s Letter

In spite of the challenges our industry and COVID-19 present, our L.A. Turbine family is stronger than ever. We are grateful for our employees’ health and safety, and for their commitment to our company, the business and our customers. We celebrate them and you for standing by us as we navigate the unknowns.

During these challenging times, L.A. Turbine chooses to focus on moving forward, overcoming hurdles, and celebrating the wins, no matter how big or small. So, let’s celebrate the following good news together:

Good News

• COVID-19 vaccines are here!

Gas Processing & LNG magazine republishes and names LAT-authored article, “Fundamentals of Turboexpander Design and Operation,” as a top story for publication in 2020. Read the article.

• L.A. Turbine continues to provide uninterrupted FX-TURBO aftermarket support 24/7/365. As an essential service, our FX-TURBO Team works virtually and in-person to problem-solve, repair and replace both LAT and non-LAT turboexpander equipment at plants. Back at the shop, our engineering & manufacturing teams work tirelessly to turnaround evaluations, repairs and redesigns in order to minimize plant downtimes for customers. Contact our FX-TURBO Team for assistance.

• LAT continues to be the go-to aftermarket services provider for both LAT & non-OEM turboexpander repairs including expander-generator units. Read three recent case studies.

• We celebrate the one-year anniversary of our ARES AMB turboexpander-compressor installation & commissioning in North Dakota. Learn the application and configuration details.

• LAT unveils our new website delivering users simplified navigation, immediate access to emergency help, centralized product and service information, numerous case studies plus several ways to submit inquiries. Check out the website!

As the saying goes, “Out with the old, in with the new!” We raise a glass in thanks for the health and safety of our employee team, our partners and clients in 2020. We look forward to a promising new year, new opportunities and healing in 2021.