L.A. Turbine actively partners with some of the industry’s largest pre-qualification agencies. This shows our commitment to provide the best in class products and services to our customers. We are committed to provide our customers with timely responses to their qualification requirements. The following are some of the organizations that L.A. Turbine partners with to provide pre-qualification information to our customers.

ISO Certification

Every organization, regardless of size or sector, strives to provide a quality culture that will permeate every level of their organization. To establish optimal working practices that can enhance profit as well as customer satisfaction, does not happen by accident. L.A. Turbine achieves this with the established ISO Quality Management System. L.A. Turbine promotes the culture of the quality and through our ISO certification we are committed to provide the best in class products and services to our customers.

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ISNetworld Member

The ISN contractor management database makes it easy to understand the Owner Client requirements, maintain up-to-date compliance documentation, and discover new business opportunities. The Supplier Profile includes information about locations, work-types, employees, and existing owner clients. ISN uses this data to generate a list of compliance requirements for your specific company.

PICS Certification

PICS makes it easy for companies to develop and maintain a world-class prequalification system for managing contractors and vendors via an easy-to- use Web interface.

Achilles Certification

Achilles-FPAL works to identify, qualify, evaluate, and monitor suppliers on behalf of its purchasing members by building and supporting buyer-supplier communities in the oil & gas industry, creating an effective Supply Chain network. Services for professional procurement help create opportunities for business and reduce risk in the supply chain.

Achilles FPAL Certificate
Achilles JQS – Norway & Denmark
Achilles Siclar – PEMEX